Should I Lease Or Buy A Car?

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Benefits Of A Car Lease

When the time comes to get your next new car, a question arises: Should I lease or buy a car? At Brandon Mitsubishi, we encourage our customers to explore their options, and for many of our drivers, getting into a car lease is a more viable option.

There are plenty of benefits getting a car lease vs. buying a car, and it starts with lower monthly payments. Lower upfront fees or taxes, decreased monthly payments and no loan approval required make the entire leasing process a bit simpler overall. Another great reason to lease vs buying a car is if you happen to prefer a new car every couple of years. At the end of a lease contract, you simply return the car and can then decide to buy or lease your next one. There’s no selling and no hassle, just exchanging a leased vehicle and continue onward.

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Benefits Of Buying At Brandon Mitsubishi

For many drivers, particularly those who enjoy keeping their new vehicles for years down the line, the highlights of choosing to buy a vehicle become more apparent compared to leasing.

The main reality of purchasing with an auto loan is that you establish ownership of the vehicle once it is paid off. When you purchase your vehicle, you’re essentially choosing the car for the long run, with no mileage limits or restrictions when compared to leases. This gives you the option down the line to either sell the car and put those funds toward the purchase price of your next new car or to simply drive your current vehicle without loan payments for the foreseeable future.

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Take Advantage Of Dealership Specials

The pros and cons of getting a car lease vs. buying a car can be debated, but thankfully at Brandon Mitsubishi, we offer dealership specials for both. While this might not end the debate, taking advantage of a particular incentive on a car loan or lease offer of a vehicle you love might be the nudge you need to choose which side of the fence you’re on.

The available offers at our dealership range in their exact promotions, but whether it’s saving thousands off MSRP on a car loan or getting an unbelievably low lease offer, Brandon Mitsubishi specials can save you money in the short or long term for your next new car!

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Consider Maintenance Costs Of A Car Lease Vs. Buying A Car

One of the factors to consider when comparing a Mitsubishi lease or auto loan purchase is the cost of maintenance for the vehicle. This is one of those situations in which you weigh the pros and cons of both options, and decide which will be better for your specific preferences.

With a car lease or an auto loan on a new car, it’s unlikely you’ll have to deal with large-scale repairs in the early goings, and routine maintenance will be fairly constant across the board. Where it begins to shift is a couple years after your initial purchase. With a car lease, you typically have warranties and coverage on most major repairs associated with the vehicle, covering you for the duration of the 2-3 year lease you currently hold.

When buying a car, you only get coverage for a set amount of years. Then, you are on your own for covering repairs and maintenance, meaning there’s a sense of “risk” involved which leasing avoids. At the end of the day it comes down to preference, but when considering a car lease vs. buying a car, all options should be considered!

Your Next Great Car Awaits At Brandon Mitsubishi

When it comes to offering drivers the most enhanced shopping experience for their auto loan or car lease near Tampa, Brandon Mitsubishi stands out from the rest. Our dealership has the tools at our disposal to help our customers decide whether getting their next great car with an auto loan or car lease is right for them, based on all available criteria we can. Once more, our dedicated finance center works with you individually to help get you the best possible rates and payments, regardless of your credit score like other leasing companies demand.

Saving our drivers money in every avenue possible is what has allowed our dealership to remain the premier Mitsubishi dealership in Tampa near Brandon and Wesley Chapel FL. Stop in to Brandon Mitsubishi and get your next great Mitsubishi lease or car loan with us today!

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